Mommy Makeover

For women in their childbearing years, many wish for nothing more than to have happy and healthy children; however, many women desire to have their bodies appear the same way they did before having children. The pregnancy and childbearing process can have a tremendous impact on the appearance of the body. While many women will work hard with a focused diet and exercise routine, sometimes this isn’t enough to restore the body back to its original appearance. For women who are looking for some help, a mommy makeover might be appropriate.

Did You Know…?

The number of women looking for a mommy makeover has increased dramatically. Clearly, the attitude towards cosmetic surgery has changed for women everywhere, and this is reflected by a rise in the number of operations that women had performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before receiving a mommy makeover, many women have questions regarding some or all of the procedures. Some of these issues have been answered below.

What exactly is a mommy makeover?

This is a common question that means different things to different women. A mommy makeover is a term used to refer to the parts of a woman’s body that change during the childbearing years. This includes the breast area and the abdominal area. The goal of the cosmetic procedure is to focus on the changes that occur during and after pregnancy. The breasts commonly sag and deflate after years of breastfeeding, and the abdomen often has excess skin and stretch marks due to the stress of carrying a child.

So who should be thinking about receiving a mommy makeover?

Women who have cosmetic problems with their abdomen and breasts that they would like to change should seek the opinion of our plastic surgeon to discuss their case on an individual basis. Suitable candidates for surgery are patients with few or no chronic medical problems. In this particular case, women who have completed their childbearing years can consider having these procedures performed. If there are more children in the future, it is best to wait until after that is completed.

Are the breast and abdominal procedures performed simultaneously?

Most commonly, both procedures can be performed in one operation. It depends on the exact procedures being performed and the preferences of the patient. Each case will be evaluated individually by Dr. Monteiro before starting the process. 
Patients with more questions should contact our office. Our doctor understands the physical changes that happen during and after pregnancy and are committed to helping women restore their bodies to their original appearance, before the childbearing years.

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